Ageha, TokyoAgeha, Tokyo レーベル「MOON AGE RECORDINGS」主宰。今年16年周年を迎えた国内最長寿テクノパーティー「REBOOT」やレーベルパーティー「MOON AGE」をオーガナイズ。
現在最も信頼されている野外フェスティバル「METAMORPHOSE」及びモンスタービーチパーティー「Maniac Beach」のレジデントDJでもあり、日本のテクノシーンをリードする存在として常に最前線で活躍している。

 1998年には自身のレーベル 「MOON AGE RECORDINGS」をスタートさせ、その作品群はCARL COXやSVEN VATH、MARCO BAILEYなどシーンを支えるDJ達のプレイリストに載るなど、ワールドワイドに高く評価されている。

Q'hey - Freak Out In またベルギーのレーベルMB ELEKTRONICSやスペインのPORNOGRAPHICなどからも作品をリリースし、Q'HEY + REBOOT 「ELECTRIC EYE ON ME」、Q'HEY + SHIN 「PLANETARY ALLIANCE」そしてソロとして「CORE」の3枚のアルバムをリリース。またHARDFLOORのRAMON ZENKERとのユニット「Q-RAM」としても、3枚のシングルをリリースしている。
 ミックスCDにおいても、3台のターンテーブルを使ったスキルをフルに発揮した「SOUND REPUBLIC」(KSR)、「REBOOT #001」(KSR)、「NYSO VOL.1 :DJ Q'HEY」(YENZO MUSIC)のいずれもが好セールスを記録。

Awaknings, AmsterdamAwaknings, Amsterdam 2011年東日本大震災を受けてチャリティー・プロジェクト「BPM Japan - Be Positive by Music Japan」を設立。コンピレーション・アルバムやイベントの企画を通じての収益金を被災者への義援金として寄付する為の活動に取り組んでいる。
 2013年にはREBOOTの15周年ツアーを国内11箇所で開催。そしてJEFF MILLSのニューアルバム「WHERE LIGHT ENDS」にリミキサーとして参加。さらに日本発の新レーベル「TORQUE」からEPやリミックスのリリースを重ねた後、アルバム「CORE」をリリースし、Beatportのテクノチャートで5位に入るなど、世界的に好セールスを記録している。

 またインターネットラジオ局block.fmにて、毎週火曜に放送している番組「radio REBOOT」でのパーソナリティーも務めている。



Ageha, TokyoAgeha, TokyoQ'hey (Masaya Kyuhei) started DJing in 1989 and ever since has been one of the few key individuals of Japan’s club scene (alongside mainstays Takkyu Ishino, Ken Ishii and Fumiya Tanaka). With a lot of determination, focus, hard work and with the support of loyal fans he has been one of Tokyo’s Techno milestones for many years. From club events to massive outdoor music festivals, Q'hey is the artist who always delivers.

In 1995, Q'hey's time was spent producing tracks and introducing his music to the Asian and European clubbers. Around the same time his Tokyo underground techno party was created, REBOOT at Maniac Love. With a solid line-up of DJs and with Q'hey as the main organizer of the monthly party it has been going strong for more than 14 years. Needless to say, the remarkable music quality plus the powerful fan base, is the fuel for this great everlasting party.

In 1998, after a few releases from several prominent labels he started his own label "Moon Age Recordings". This was a time for more hard work and international exposure. In a matter of months his releases were charted on the play lists of big DJs such as Sven Vath and Marco Bailey.

Until now, he released 3 mix CDs "Sound Republic" (KSR) "Reboot #001" (KSR) and "NYSO Vol.1 DJ Q'hey" (Yenzo Music). In 2006 he released the first album from Moon Age Recordings - Q'hey + Reboot "Electric Eye On Me".

Q'hey - Freak Out InHis works have been some very unique projects and again delivering many superb re-mixes and productions. These were released by MB Elektronics, Pornographic Recordings, Rhythm Convert, Omega Audio among others. Also some releases from BluFin as Q-Ram in collaboration with Ramon Zenker from Hardfloor.

On a more technical side, he reviews DJ equipment for music magazines such as "Sound & Recordings" and "Sound Designer". With his extensive knowledge of DJ/production equipment, he also got involved in the development of MC-505 and MC-909 for Roland, providing advice and support for Yamaha and Vestax.

Awakenings, AmsterdamAwakenings, AmsterdamQ'hey has been lucky enough to DJ in countries such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Holland and Poland. In between long hours in the studio and DJing domestically he is continuing to add some more international gigs to his list.

After the earthquake disaster in Japan, Q'hey established charity project "BPM Japan - Be Positive by Music Japan" and continues working to make donations for the victims by making compilation albums, releases and events.

In 2013, several releases of EP and remixes such as for Jeff Mills' new album "Where Light Ends", Q'hey released album "Core" from Japanese brand new label Torque.This album got big support and reviews over the world, and higher position of Beatport Techno Top Releases chart.